Pole Divas

Pole Divas: ‚ÄčThis class is open to any student who has completed 8+ weeks of pole fitness basics OR exotic pole and chair. Learn upper level pole moves while putting together choreography to some of your favorite songs! This is a performance class so you may get a chance to perform at one of our dance parties! 

Instructor: Sam

Time: Call for more info


Exotic Pole 2

Pole 2 is available once you have taken an Exotic and/or Exotic Pole class. Here you will learn a more structured movement of body and dance and be given your shining moment on one of our 4  poles to show the class what you can do!

Instructor: Vaughn

Time: Thursdays 8:00-9:00 PM         

Exotic Dance includes floor work, chair and lap dancing. Exotic Pole covers basic walks, spins, and gripping on the pole.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Please wear non-restrictive clothing and bring your high heel shoes! 

Instructor: Vaughn
Time: Thursdays  7:00-8:00 PM

Pole and Exotic Dance

We offer the LARGEST amount of Pole and Exotic classesin the Capital Region. We also offer Private Lessons and Classes for Bachelorette and Birthday Parties.  

Pole Fitness Basics

Pole Fitness Basics: ‚ÄčA class for brand new polers! Learn the basics of climbing the pole and building strength in arms, thighs, and core. Work your way up to learning amazing acrobatic pole tricks! Please wear/bring shorts and a tank top so that you're able to grip the pole. 

Instructor: Sam

Time: Tuesdays,  7-8PM 


Exotic  Chair & Pole